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Welcome to Dentures Plus

Dental Prosthetist: Chris Hewitson.

Dentures Plus is a local family owned business specialising in denture construction, mouthguards and repair of dentures.

Our dental prosthetist, Chris Hewitson, has over 40 years experience in denture construction and is a highly sought after dental prosthetist serving Bendigo and surrounding country Victoria regions.

Consultation with a dental prosthetist means you are dealing with the practitioner who personally constructs your dentures.

At Dentures Plus, we pride ourselves on our personal service and the quality of the dentures we produce using only the highest quality materials available.

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03 5444 5599  or  0408 483 115

Why choose Dentures Plus?

Easy booking

Booking your initial dentures consultation at Dentures Plus is just 2 clicks away!


With over 40 years practical experience in denture construction.


Close to Bendigo hospital with own private car park and wheel chair access.

Quality Service

We are committed to providing you with a high quality and personalised service.

Dental prosthetist Chris Hewitson

Consulting with Chris means you are dealing the practitioner who is going to construct your Dentures.



Dental prosthetist Chris Hewitson works as independent practitioner in the assessment, treatment, management and provision of removable dentures, and flexible removable mouthguards used for sporting activities.

Registered nationally with the Dental Board of Australia, subject to the same registration requirements, guidelines and codes of practice as other members of the dental team.

HICAPS was formed in June 1998 in response to the need to provide an electronic claim and payment solution for the Healthcare sector.


How we can help...

We offer a range of services to help you feel comfortable and get you smiling again.