Full Partial Dentures

Are your current dentures older than 5-7 years? Or are your dentures causing discomfort? Due to the ageing process,weight gain or loss and bone resorption your dentures may feel loose & cause ulcers.

The bone that supports your dentures is constantly remodeled by the body once the teeth have been lost. As a result, the contour of the mouth that the denture is designed to suction to can change dramatically over a number of years, and this is why you need to have a new denture made every five to seven years.

If you are considering investing in a new set of dentures, we encourage you to come to Dentures Plus where you will be treated by the same prosthetist at every appointment, Chris will use the information that he obtains from these appointments to construct and design your new dentures himself, specifically how you requested.

At Dentures Plus, all of our patients get to try in their new dentures in wax before they are processed into hard acrylic. Not only does it give you peace of mind, it also allows you a great opportunity to make any adjustments to the position, colour or shape of the teeth to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Cosmetic Dentures

We understand that appearance is very important, and a smile is one of the first impressions that you make. This is why it is just as important to us. At Dentures Plus we will personalize a denture to suit your preferred aesthetics, whether that be perfectly aligned, hollywood bling or an added gold inlay, options are  available .


Professionally fitted mouthguards greatly reduce the chances of damage to teeth, lips and mouth and assist in giving the best possible protection. Mouthguards also assist to absorb impact which can cause a broken jaw and concussion. At Dentures Plus we construct and custom fit mouthguards for both adults and children.

Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is placed in the mouth immediately after teeth have been extracted. It provides both function and aesthetics. At Dentures Plus we are able to construct a denture prior to dental extractions and have it ready for you to take to your preferred dentist for your appointment. Due to the healing process and bone resorbtion over time the denture will become loose. During this stage the use of denture adhesive may be required. Approximately after 4-6mths a reline or possible re-make of the denture will be required, this is an additional cost to the patient.

Chrome Dentures

A chrome denture (metal) is chosen for its strength and comfort. At Dentures Plus Chris will take impressions, and design the denture. It is then sent to a high quality chrome laboratory in Melbourne to be cast. On return from the laboratory Chris will then complete the denture with necessary appointments.

Implant Supported Dentures

Are your dentures unbearably loose? Unfortunately, ill-fitting dentures are very common. While in many cases, this can be overcome by the detailed processes we use when taking impressions and constructing dentures, there are some patients who have too little bone left to hold the bulk of a denture. It is usually seen in the lower jaw, and the best option in these cases is to have two implants placed towards the front of the jaw, and a denture made to clip onto these.

Repairs & Relines

Dentures are made of a material that is very resilient when used correctly, but it unfortunately does not respond well to sudden, hard forces such as being dropped onto the porcelain of sinks, or onto tiled floors. As dentures age and become poorly fitting, they can also be stressed by continual flexing while in use, which results in small cracks that can fracture the denture with time.

A Denture reline may be recommended when your dentures become ill-fitting and uncomfortable a consultation would be required to diagnose if a reline would be beneficial to you.

Please call us to make an appointment.

Vinyl Dentures

We are able to construct dentures with a innovative,virtually unbreakable,monomer-free rigid denture base material from Vertex-Dental B.V.
It is ideally suited to patients that are unable to accept dentures made from materials that may cause them allergic reaction or other sensitivity problems. 


  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Low allergy risk
  • No volume shrinkage
  • Repairs are possible in some cases
  • Rebasing and reline possible
  • Suitable for both Full and Partial dentures

Please consult with Chris he will advise if this material is suitable for your individual needs.

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