What are Dentures?

Dentures are worn to replace your natural teeth.A complete denture replaces all your natural teeth and is usually made in an acrylic material..A partial denture is usually held in place by clasps that fit around some of your remaining teeth.Partial dentures can be made in an acrylic material or for added comfort a chrome material which is also known for its strength.

Will anyone be able to tell a denture from my natural teeth?

No not easily.Dentures made with todays technology can look very natural.Alot of research goes into creating teeth that mimic natural teeth. 

What are immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are made prior to teeth being extracted.Chris takes some impressions and and uses this information to construct a denture to replace extracted teeth.A dentist will extract the teeth and immediatly place the pre-constructed denture.Due to the healing of the bone structure and surrounding tissues the immediate denture will become illfitting and loose.A denture reline  will be required around 4-6 months  post dental extractions.
It is also possible that even after the reline is done there will still be bone and tissue changes thus requiring further relines it really is dependant on the individual person.

How should I clean my dentures?
Did you know that you should only clean your dentures with soap and water or a specific denture cream.Using toothpaste can cause microscopic scratces in your dentures that can harbour bacterial build up and staining. Using a cleaning tablet is also recommended.

How often should I replace my dentures?
It is highly recommended that dentures should be replaced every 5-7 years .You should alsohave a dental prosthetist examine your dentures at least every 2 years.

Should I remove my dentures of a night ?
Its up to the Individual person but if you do choose to leave them in overnight,always thoroughly clean them before you go to bed.Leaving your dentures out of a night does give your gums and tissues a chance to have a rest.

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